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Solar panel cleaning melbourne victoria

Did you know how important it is for you to keep your solar panels clean for efficiency? Dirty Solar Panels Can Lose Up To 10% Efficiency Every Year!

Pollution, traffic, dust, leaves and even bird droppings contribute to prevent sunlight from reaching your solar panel cells in your solar panels. The more dirt the less electricity the solar panels produce. 

Mint's Specialised Service is Tailored for You:

  • Specially designed solar cleaning equipment. No damage to panels.
  • 100% enviromentally friendly
  • No chemicals used. Distilled, de-ionised water system
  • Advice on frequency of clean
  • Risk Assessment (inc. overhanging trees etc.)
  • High quality, professional cleaning guaranteed
  • Working at Heights and Elevated Platform certified
  • No Contracting. We do the cleaning. 

  • Why Choose Mint?
  • Ten years of trusted expertise 
  • Experienced, and fully trained team
  • Working safely at heights
  • Working at Heights and Elevated Platform certified.
  • Fully insured and police checked.
  • Reptuable family owned and operated business. 
  • Residential and Commercial.
  • Great package deals and special offers available.

  • Regular Cleaning Maintenance

    • Saves you money
    • Increases energy production
    • Maintain your warranty
    • Protects your investment
    • Helps prevent permanent module staining
    • Gives you peace of mind

    "My panels are self cleaning and maintenance free"

    This is a myth! when a panel is called self cleaning, it tends to mean that the surface is hydrophobic; meaning water droplets cannot stick to the surface.

    In essence, these surfaces are'nt exactly self cleaning and maintenance free. They do reduce mineral residue that can block the sun reaching the cells, however in a dusty envirmoment a single solar cell can become inefficient and this will effect the performance of the rest of the cells. As they are wired in a series, if one cell is shaded, then the output of the entire panel is lower as a result.

    What the experts say.....

    Manufacturers state that dirty solar panels will result in a loss of output.

    Trina Solar, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of solar panels include the following in a maintenance and care manual."The amount of electricity generated by a solar module is proportional to the amount of light falling on it. A module with shaded cells will produce less energy and therefore it is important to keep the module clean"

    Canadian Solar, one of the leading solar panel manufacturers.."clean the panels if a significant amount of material builds up on the panels" They also recommend water with low mineral content and near neutal PH is best.

    Rain alone is not enough to ensure solar panels remain free from build up of dirt.

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